Tourna Grip Tourna TAC Wet Sticky

Tourna Grip Tourna TAC Wet Sticky

Superior tacky feel for cool weather play!

Wet feel.

Tourna Tac is made from the same base materials and precision as the original Tourna Grip. This new grip results in a grip that is both tacky, sweat absorbing, and durable. With a blend layer upon layer using a proprietary, precision based manufacturing process, each grip is individually wrapped with a special liner, keeping it in perfect condition.

This grip is ideal for cooler weather. Some players prefer a tacky wet grip. Tourna Tac delivers a tacky feel while absorbing sweat to minimise slippage. Imitation grips made in China start slipping after brief play. Pros switch to a new racket when rip becomes slippery. A recreational player does not have 4 or more rackets in a bag. Tourna Tac offers the best of both worlds - a tacky feel and durable non slip grip. 

You will discover it absorbs well, and does not slip from your hand. Some players' hands do not sweat as much and a tacky feel grip is ideal for them. We recommend Tourna Tac for playing in cool and non humid conditions. 

It took many years to develop and play test this breakthrough formula. We guarantee you will love the luxurious, tacky feel of Tourna Tac. 

Comes in 3-pack.

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