Jumbo Tourna Grip X Long 30 Grips in a roll

Jumbo Tourna Grip X Long 30 Grips in a roll

Pete Sampras' overgrip of choice. The original overgrip used by more top 100 touring pros and now in extra long length to fit modern handles - perfect for two-handed players! Absorbent with a soft feel.

Tourna Grip is made from only the finest, highest quality materials available in the world.

This is the original creation, a dry feel grip that really soaks up sweat. It is ideal for hot, humid days for a firm grip. It becomes tacky when wet - unlike other grips which slip when wet. Its proprietary manufacturing process will never change. Absorbs moisture; Tourna Grip absorbs up to 350% of its initial weight. It gets tackier when wet. 

Tourna Grip simply outperforms any other grip on the market. 

Players can use both sides of Tourna Grip.

Pouch of 3 rolls of 10 grips + finishing tape. 

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