Sunflex 3030 Table Tennis Net & Post Set

Sunflex 3030 Table Tennis Net & Post Set

The Sunflex 3030 Net & Post Set is the most economical way to set up a table tennis game for home and causal players.

This is a basic net and post set model. It comes with 2 "G" type screw clamps that will fit almost any type of table. Its international standard size nylon net is fitted on two steel sleeves at both ends. You only need to insert the net sleeves into the steel post and adjust the tension of the net by tighten the screws on the brackets and you are done. It is very simple to use and fast to set up.

  • Screw type steel posts for durability
  • G-Type screw clamps for easy mounting on table
  • Blue colour nylon standard size net
  • Simple to use and quick to set up
  • Compact size for easy storage after use

Home and school casual uses

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