Heavy Duty Court Squeegee (Rain Shuttle)
Heavy Duty Court Squeegee (Rain Shuttle)

Heavy Duty Court Squeegee (Rain Shuttle)

Sturdy and lightweight tennis court water sweeper for drying all flooded surfaces!

This heavy duty tennis court squeegee is an essential tennis hard court maintenance equipment. It is designed to remove tennis court surface water by wiping. With its 1.45 meter wide EVA rubber blade, you can quickly sweep large area of surface water and drive it out of the court. And the remaining moisture on the court can be blow dry or evaporated naturally in short period of time. It is much more efficient and effective than the sponge roller type of court dryer.

This is a robust all aluminium construction equipment designed for heavy duty usage for extended period of time. It is strong but lightweight. And it won't rust. The squeegee is built on a wheeled housing with smooth caster wheels for easy manoeuvre on the court. The EVA rubber blade is also durable and can be replaced when worn out.

The sweeper is pre-assembled in the factory. You only need to attached the handle to the blade assembly and ready to go. After finishing the job, you can detach the handle and store it in a compact space.

Other Usages

No only you can use this court sweeper to remove water, you can also use it to sweep fallen leaves, or even collect tennis balls for the coach.

Moreover, this court sweeper can be used in outside tennis court. Netball courts and other outdoor sports venues find it is very handy in rainy days.

In fact you can use it to remove surface water in any large flat surface.


  • Robust structure made with 40mm diameter aluminium tubes
  • Non-rusty and durable construction for long working life
  • Smooth 60 mm diameter swivel caster wheels for better mobility and manoeuvre
  • Heavy duty water absorbing EVA foam rubber blade for better sweeping power
  • Replaceable EVA foam blade when worn out
  • Huge 1.45 meter wide sweeping wing to cover bigger area
  • Super lightweight only 4.5 kg
  • Pre-assemble in factory and ready to use
  • Detachable handle for compact storage and quick deploy
  • Specifications


  • Full aluminium frame and EVA foam blade
  • Width of Blade: 145 cm
  • Net Weight: 4.5 kg

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